National Cancer Institute Moonshot Initiative

Vice President Biden’s recent announcement of a National Cancer Moonshot Initiative has brought renewed attention to the experiences of those living with cancer and their caregivers.  Though many have touted this as a “cancer cure” initiative, we in the palliative care research community understand that the experience of cancer, independent of the outcome, is a life-changing event, and should also be an areas of focus for research.  This requires additional investments in palliative care research, above the 1% funding from federal agencies.

The National Cancer Institute recently opened for public comment an online forum for stakeholders across research and lay communities to suggest “research ideas for consideration,” found here:

PCRC members, please consider suggesting your own research ideas.  Hopefully, vigorous participation in this forum from our research communities will emphasize to decision makers that this research is needed, ideas for studies are plentiful, and a workforce of inspired researchers is available.