FOA: Call for proposals for data to be included in the PCRC de-identified Data Repository

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for proposals for data to be included in the PCRC de-identified Data Repository

Do you have data from a completed palliative care and/or end-of-life study that has unanswered questions?  Do you (or your protégés) wish that you could access existing data to conduct secondary analyses?  This opportunity is for you!

Resources are available through the PCRC to support inclusion of de-identified data in the PCRC de-identified Data Repository.

Please use this link to apply:

Applications are due May 04, 2017.  Notifications of approval will be made by May 09, 2017.

Award: $2500 to prepare existing data set for inclusion in PCRC Repository and travel costs for PI and analyst to travel to Denver for ½ day training on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

The PCRC is seeking applications for investigators to include their study data from palliative care and end-of-life studies in the PCRC de-identified Data Repository. We are especially interested in palliative care or end-of-life clinical trials or large observational studies. Ideally these studies are those that have been listed on, were IRB approved, have resulted in publication(s) in respected peer-reviewed journals and collected sufficient information to allow for secondary analyses. In order to include data in the repository, we will need to comply with your institution’s data use policies and procedures.   Depending on your institution, this may include obtaining official authorization to share the data with the PCRC Data Repository.

(Note: we cannot include Medicare/Medicaid claims data in the PCRC data repository.)

If your study is chosen, you and your data analyst will be invited to attend a ½ day workshop in Denver on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 to learn best practices for reproducible research and how to prepare your data for inclusion in the repository. Travel costs for you and your analyst will be covered by the PCRC. We will also award each recipient $2500 to offset costs associated with preparing the data before sending them to the repository.

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