Data, Informatics, and Statistics Core (DISC)

Core Leadership:

Kathryn Colborn, PhD

Contact Kathryn Colborn for a core consultation.

Roles and Responsibilities of the DISC Core:

  • Data Dictionary development, ensuring the PCRC Core data elements are included appropriately, as well as validated instruments or other data necessary for the study.
  • Guidance in identifying workflow and user interface requirements.
  • Identifying appropriate electronic Data Collection tool(s) that will accurately & safely collect data and meet workflow requirements.
  • Development of the electronic Data Entry system (REDCap), if desired.
  • Consultation on study design – DISC Consultation Review Form
  • Sample size calculations and power analyses.
  • Guidance creating a Statistical Analysis Plan.
  • Creation of analysis data sets.
  • Provision of statistical analysis services
  • Secondary analyses with PCRC data – Data Request Form
  • Oversee the PCRC Data Repository


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