Clinical Trials Intensives

Palliative Care Intensives in Clinical Trials:
These three-day intensives seek to provide a foundation in practical aspects involving the conduct of randomized clinical trials in palliative care.  They are designed for early career researchers or other mid-career researchers and health professionals interested in developing competence in the planning, design, and execution of randomized clinical trials.  Instruction will include a combination of focused lectures, demonstrations, individual and group consultations with experts in the field, and small group work.

The curriculum will enable participants to:

  • Describe the principles underlying the conduct of unbiased clinical trials.
  • Identify the unique challenges posed by behavioral randomized clinical trials (RCTs).
  • Evaluate RCT designs in terms of their appropriateness to scientific and clinical goals.
  • Select appropriate strategies for enrollment, randomization, and retention.
  • Understand methods for monitoring, coordinating, and conducting RCTs.
  • Develop basic strategies for appropriate statistical analyses of RCT data.
  • Design an RCT with your working group on an assigned topic.
  • Better understand the process used in NIH Study Sections to review clinical trials.

The PCRC has hosted three Clinical Trials Intensives. We are currently planning the next Intensive for Fall 2018 – stay tuned for details.

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