Summary of PCRC Members

The PCRC has 184 members located at 81 organizations (also referred to as sites).  The map below shows a representation of the geographic distribution of our member organizations.  Reporting from members is voluntary, data shared here is representative of what members have provided.

47% of the PCRC sites have reported a minority group as ≥20% of their population.  The table represents the number of sites.

Minority listed as ≥ 20% # sites
Black 22
Asian 3
Hispanic 3

Our membership encompasses a wide diversity of affiliations, associated schools and federal funding.  Our organizations list the following affiliations:  70% Academic, 30% Community, with a number of Veterans Affairs institutions.

  • 44% list CTSA funding
  • 52% of organizations list Schools of Public Health
  • 56% of organizations list Schools of Nursing
  • 36% of organizations are NCI-designated Cancer Centers

100% of the PCRC sites have a dedicated Palliative Care Service including:

  • 95% consult service
  • 77% out-patient clinic
  • 48% dedicated in-patient beds

67% of PCRC sites have Hospice Services including:

  • 91% with dedicated in-patient facilities/beds
  • 88% residential/home services

Our Members have a broad research / clinical focus and our Sites offer a diverse research population potential.


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