Official Title:  Testing the feasibility of a point-of-care quality monitoring infrastructure for the PCRC

Purpose:  This study is testing the feasibility of a new point-of-care quality monitoring infrastructure for the PCRC, named qdact.pcrc, to measure quality of care in the PCRC. Using real-time data collection, the study is utilizing two feasibility outcomes: 1) characteristics of patient data accrued within the registry, including data comprehensives and completeness and 2) provider-reported logistical feasibility, perceived barriers, and satisfaction. The study will also test the clinician-reported acceptance and satisfaction of three types of quality feedback reports using semi-structured interviews. These evaluations will highlight areas for improvement in the reports on quality sent to clinicians.   Such infrastructure is needed to understand current clinical practices and inform quality improvement projects that link adherence to specific quality measures and improved patient-centered outcomes in order to inform applicability to larger-scale deployment.

Study Type:  Quality

Study Phase:  Active

Contact: pcrc@duke.edu

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