Investigator Support Information

The PCRC was established in large part to help overcome the many challenges of conducting multi-site research. If you are interested in conducting multi-site research, the PCRC supports investigators by:

  • Taking clinical research ideas from concept to study design through consultation with expert PCEOL research leaders through our PCRC Cores and Centers.
  • Providing replicable infrastructure, processes, tools, and methods, including evaluative metrics, to support efficient and effective cooperative group function.
  • Developing a comprehensive protocol and study-specific materials including data collection tool (DCT), case report forms (CRFs) and a site training manual.
  • Developing a study calendar to clarify metrics and meet deadlines.
  • Training site-based study personnel, creating a study database with web-based electronic data capture, and facilitating Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval at each site.
  • Implementing study-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Assisting with enrollment initiation, supporting accrual throughout the study, and ensuring high quality data collection.
  • Developing and supporting Data Safety and Monitoring Board (DSMB ) activities.
  • Establishing an Event Classification Committee (ECC) to confirm endpoint assessments and provide a quality assurance mechanism.
  • Providing regular tracking and monitoring of study performance metrics in order to refine study processes and optimize efficiency.
  • Refining processes based on lessons learned across studies and sites.
  • Supporting publications of findings in accordance with the PCRC Authorship Protocol to advance the quality, productivity and impact of PCEOL research.

To learn more about the opportunities and specific steps for collaborating with the PCRC, follow this link.

If you are submitting a grant as a PCRC member and not planning to use PCRC infrastructure, but would like to request a PCRC Letter of Support (LOS) for your grant application, please utilize these instructions on how to do so:  How to Request PCRC Letter of Support

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