Budget Development

2B-budgetFOLLOWING approval of the LOI by the PCRC Scientific Review and Steering Committees, the PCRC will work with the Principal Investigator to develop a budget related to collaboration activities.

  • Potential components of PCRC Budget are based on LOI, study schema and details of planned use of PCRC resources
  • The components of the budget are dependent upon the specifics in the LOI, study schema and details of planned use of PCRC resources
  • Once the budget is approved, the PCRC will create /provide all necessary grant package documents for PCRC sub- contract
Potential Budget Components

Site Payment budget on a per ”participant” model – e.g. start up fees, study conduct, patient remuneration, etc.

  • Project Coordinating Center [PCC] Activities
    • Research development
    • Site management (training, support, communications, enrollment tracking, etc.)
    • Site Visits
    • Site finance / grant management (contracts, invoicing, payments, etc.)
    • Database / data management development /informatics

Assistance with DSM committees/boards
Packet will include budget justification for PCRC components

Include in PI grant budget

Include applicable PCRC consulting activities to be using during conduct of the funded study in PI’s budget; for example: Statistics, Caregiver, Measurement, and Clinical Studies.

  • PI provides details regarding planned PCRC collaborations in the LOI
  • PCRC documents commitments in LOS

NOTE: pre-grant submission consultation with PCRC Core resources does NOT require a budget supported by PCRC U24


Check your Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA):

  • If maximum budget total amounts include only “Direct” costs, Direct Costs include the PCRC sub-contract sub-agreement costs
Budget Example


NEXT STEPS – Grant Submission

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