Grant Submission

3-grant_submissionFollowing budget approval, the PCRC will provide all grant package documents based upon details in the Letter of Intent and planned use of PCRC resources.  This will include the following:

  • Subontract Package with Duke (PCRC primary grant institution)
    • Scope of Work / Biosketch(s)
    • Budget / Budget justifications for the Project Coordinating Center activities
    • Budget / Budget justifications for Planned consortium [genralized for total number of sites and planned accrual]
    • Grant documents [Checklist, FCOI, Tax ID, Face page, etc.]
  • Sub-subcontract Package with University of Colorado
    (“sister” organization of Project Coordinating Center)
  • Biosketch(s) of PCRC Co-Chair and other relevant
    PCRC key personnel (e.g. Caregiver Core Director) if
  • Letter of Support signed by the PCRC Executive
    Leadership outlining your specific planned PCRC

*Critical to NIH reviewers to demonstrate “collaboration”

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