Letter of Support

There are two types of letters of support (LOS) from the PCRC, 1) letters for PCRC Members; and 2) support letters for planned collaborators. PCRC Members may seek an LOS to support a promotion, K-award or other similar request. If you have had a project reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) or if your project has been reviewed by the SRC with resources identified and a budget, you may request a LOS.


To demonstrate mutual collaboration to work together, all Letters of Support include language for which collaborators agree to adhere:

  • To follow PCRC standards & processes in their project including Use of Measurement Instruments & Standard Data Elements, Participation in Study Participant Registry, Data Sharing Agreements, & Financial Management Processes;
  • That all Letters of Intent (LOI) and protocols will be reviewed by the PCRC Scientific Review Committee to ensure highest methodological standards;
  • That all publications will adhere to the PCRC authorship guidelines to ensure consistent approaches to assigning authorship; and
  • To adhere to PCRC Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct practices, in the interest of ensuring transparent and trustworthy research.
  • PCRC LOS will be a key element in any grant application to demonstrate collaboration
  • Please allow 3 weeks to process
  • In order to establish / validate the strength of the partnership/collaboration, provide the following details:

〉 Grant abstract and research plan details

〉 List of all PIs, Co-PIs, consultants, collaborations that may be connected to the PCRC network

〉 Any past dealing/collaborations, etc. with the PCRC

〉 Funding start date/timeframe (Funding Mechanism/FOA)

〉 To whom the letter should be addressed

  • Please send request and information to the PCRC general email: [email protected]
  • Allow 2 weeks for processing.
  • Your biosketch (or half page summary of you, your research & experience), your role in the project…
  • Information: addressee, date needed, etc.
  • Paragraph highlighting your collaborative strengths between you/your research and the PCRC
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