Measurement Core

Core Leadership:

Antonia Bennett, PhD 

Contact Antonia Bennett for a core consultation.

Roles and responsibilities of the Measurement Core:

  • Assist with identifying appropriate survey instruments, especially those for patients and clinicians.
  • Assist with planning the logistics of survey data collection, including the mode and method of data capture (self or interviewer administered; by paper, tablet, or web; in clinic or at home), the frequency of assessments and reminders, informational handouts, and training of site staff and survey respondents.
  • Provide input on draft qualitative interview discussion guides, and the plan for qualitative data analysis.
  • Review and provide input on portions of protocol text, consent forms, and IRB applications regarding survey data collection or qualitative research, as appropriate.
  • Assist with identifying the correct scoring algorithm for survey instruments and provide this to the Data & Statistics Core or to the Study Investigator’s statistician.

Core Resources:

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